lundi 2 mars 2015

Ways Of Modest Islamic Clothing

By Earlene McGee

Ethics can be basically described as the study of good and bad, right and wrong and many other acceptable and non acceptable ways of society. Many societies have different cultures, traditions and norms that they subscribe to. These societies use their cultural ways, norms and taboos to create a distinction between the extremes. This is however a subjective module. Methods of modest Islamic clothing are highly of value to an Islamic society.

With further development in transport and communication people started leaving their home towns and settling in the major cities. This created a community of various people with distinct cultures and traditions that working a way forward using ethics become hard generally. Another module standard of living had to be formulated in addition to the national constitutions of the various places.

Religion proved its worth here as it provided a basis for judging the right from the wrong of various people irrespective of their ethnic background. Religion was fair and it only created a very genuine module. A person belonged to a religion by choice and since all religions almost share the same commandments from God, this became somehow easier to accomplish.

Some of the most popular religions include the Islamic, Christian and the Buddhism. These are the three major faiths in the world and majority of the population have subscribed to their ways of prayer and life. These faiths have written laws that the believers are bound to live by in reference and adoration for their God. The books that these religions live by are rather similar in nature and this reduces the complication.

Islam is one of the oldest religions known to this world. It is also perhaps one of the most unique, strict and followed of them all. This faith is guided by a book referred to as the Quran which provides all the information that one needs to know in order to be a good Muslim. The way of life of an Islamic believer is a very strict one on many aspects. It takes very high levels of discipline for one to be a Muslim.

The believers of this faith live by five major principles and they are referred to as the pillars of Islam. Among them is total acceptance of Allah as Lord and other, fasting during the holy month, giving to the poor and others. It is very important that a Muslim lives strictly by these pillars and if possible fulfills all of them through their life time in the world.

One of the many aspects that the Islamic religion is strict about is the aspect of dressing. This is also the aspect that makes it the most unique religion. It emphasizes that one dresses modestly t all times. It puts special emphasis on the females. They are required to be well covered properly at all times. This is in order to prevent inciting the men.

Muslim women are required to dress to the fullest. This is to mean that they are expected to cover their entire body in clothing. Their attire should cover from the hair right to the toes too. The men on the other side should wear long trousers at all times. A special prayer hat is designed to cover the hair during prayer

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