jeudi 12 mars 2015

Fans Delight In Celebrity Homes Tour

By Leslie Ball

Fame and money has made celebrities capable of buying and enjoying all the things that they want. They can afford the most expensive cars, the largest mansions, the most sophisticated clothes, and a lot more. All this to complete their image and to match their lifestyles.

They earn millions of dollars with their endorsements, projects, and media exposures. They owe most of this from their loyalists who avidly support them. Hence, they find ways to make their fans feel how thankful they are for all the support. One of this is taking them to celebrity homes tour LA, which make them feel utterly delighted.

The fans are there to make celebrities feel assured that they can still continue to become a lot better as artists. The fans are the reminders that they need to work harder. Basically, the public will start to like a rising star through his or her appearance, personality, and talents.

There are superstars and pop divas that not only allow their fans to tour their houses. They even allow them to spend some time with them in fans day. Taylor Swift even spent a night with her fans listening to her newly released album. It was everywhere in the social media.

This is one of their techniques to get more support whenever they have new projects, albums, movies, or shows. They and their managers can think of a lot of gimmicks. But they are still could not impress everybody. There will always be people who cast their hate on them. On the other hand, there are loyal people who will defend them with their lives. It is almost as if they can catch a bullet for their beloved celebrities.

The structure of the house, the design, and the things in it all reflect the character of the person or persons living in it. The house of the Kardashians is certainly very sophisticated. It reflects how sophisticated the ones living in there are. Hayley Williams of Paramore is very musical and her house certainly attests to that with all the musical instruments, the trophies from music festivals, and some record collections.

Angelina and Brad Pitt are two of the biggest Hollywood stars and they certainly earn millions of dollars. They have a house for their family that is worth millions of dollars as well. They are incredibly rich. The good side of having all these privileges is that they can also help the needy.

There are also celebrities who have been been in charitable missions, but not all of them want recognition. Even so, their works are still caught on tape by media people and paparazzi. Similarly, there are those who misbehave and are publicized. There is no escaping the eye of the media.

However, both the haters and the lovers do not have the right to judge celebrities instantly because of what they portray in the media. They also have their personal lives. In addition, they may be famous and rich but they are still humans.

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