lundi 9 mars 2015

Book Hollywood Homes Tours Of Celebrities

By Leslie Ball

Most people who visit Los Angeles have a desire to learn more about their favorite stars. Hollywood homes tours of celebrities offers them the opportunity to make this a reality. Making reservations is easy as many companies now have have online websites where this can be done. Comparisons can be made of different options available, reviews read and seats booked well in advance.

You may prefer the idea of a tour in an open topped vehicle with a driver giving the information. These smaller vans usually have a limited number of seats so this is a more intimate type of experience and the driver may even take a few small detours to accommodate your requests. There is also the option of going on a luxury bus with an experienced professional guide. Party buses are even offered by some operators.

Cruise through exclusive residential areas and see the breathtaking mansions owned by some of the hottest stars like Simon Cowell, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise and Madonna. Viewing up to 50 mansions is possible with more to be seen than just a wall or a gate. It is often the stories told by the guides that carry the customers beyond the walls and gates and into the lives of these stars. Sightings of stars are possible so it is a good idea to keep a camera at the ready.

Another interesting location is Rodeo Drive. This is where stars do their shopping at the world renowned fashion houses like Gucci, Chanel and Prada. When seeing the Beverley Wilshire Hotel where Richard Gere stayed in the movie Pretty Woman, one cannot help but feel a thrill. The Sunset Strip is another attraction. See the Viper Room owned by Johnny Depp and other nightclubs where the celebrities go to see and be seen.

Take plenty of photographs while visiting the Walk of Fame and the famous Hollywood Sign. See the settings of many movies and TV shows and hear more about the history of Hollywood. Guides may even go out of their way to accommodate certain customer requests.

Most tours last two to three hours with others last a full day. Some have more extras than others, offering visits to nightclubs and comedy venues. If you want to customize your tour, you need to select an operator who offers this option. Some only offer packages and do not allow customization.

So many people want to go on these tours that it is often better to book a seat. Making a reservation online should be done well in advance but booking a couple of hours before departure is still possible. If you are unsure of your plans, you can just present yourself at a departure point and hope for the best.

According to the reviews, many customers find that a particular guide can make a great difference to their enjoyment. They often remark on the sense of humor and entertaining insights of a guide. When selecting a tour, requesting a specific guide may be possible. Finding the best option available that offers exactly what you are looking for can transform this experience from mere sightseeing into great entertainment that will be truly memorable.

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