mardi 10 mars 2015

Celebrity Makeup Fashion And Lifestyle At Awards Season Time Of Year

By Leslie Ball

During awards season, celebrities go all out to look their best on the red carpet. This means being at the top of their game from head to toe and being ahead of the fashion curve as well. Celebrity makeup fashion and lifestyle during awards season is like being on steroids!

Gowns during this time of year are beyond extravagant, with some of the biggest names in designers being showcased on the red carpet. Designers get the most visibility from celebrities when they attend such shows. Couture gowns and trendsetting hair and makeup are a must for any celebrity wanting to get tongues wagging.

For a show as huge as the Academy Awards, the heat is on to make a huge impression as well. Celebrities will go to any measure necessary, even as far as to get plastic surgery done before the show or have botox injected into their feet on the night itself. Having a beautiful body when appearing in front of the cameras is the ultimate goal, so celebrities undoubtedly feel the pressure to be perfect from every angle.

There are preparatory measures that need to be taken starting from two to three weeks before the big event. Other measures can be taken a little closer to show time. These include getting fit, getting any work done and minimizing any bloating just before the event. Also included in the preparation is the all-important tan, although there are a few celebrities who have changed this trend by rocking beautiful porcelain skin on the red carpet and proudly, too.

Makeup is a girl's best friend and the top artists are fully booked at this time of year. Contouring, highlighting and all sorts of other tricks are used to put one's best face forward, so to speak. Celebrities get bronzed, shimmered and toned through use of makeup for any last minute fixes to the face and body. Eyebrows, lashes and full body waxing must also be done to be on point!

Designers whose work is often seen at major shows like the Oscars, the Emmys and Grammys include Zac Posen, Versace, Chanel and Elie Saab. The gowns worn by actresses and musicians are all styled to create different looks. A star can look like a fairytale princess or a total diva on the red carpet, depending on what her stylist does with the outfit.

Different awards show require different styling. The Oscars is really the occasion to go all out with an haute couture look or a full-on ballgown. Being daring on the red carpet is a good risk to take, even though it could land a celebrity on the worst dressed list, but at the end of the day, any publicity is good publicity!

Having gorgeous skin for the lights and cameras is a must, and so, plastic surgery aside, celebrities do indulge in detoxes and cleanses to be at their best. While many have year-round routines to keep their skin glowing, juice cleanses are particularly popular at this time of year. Nothing is too outrageous when it comes to preparing for awards season, as a celebrity's body and face is her livelihood.

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