dimanche 8 mars 2015

Ho To Incorporate Detailed Bridal Veils Into Your Look

By Leslie Ball

You can choose from a variety of ways to add sparkle and dazzle to your wedding day. Perhaps you don't have a heavily beaded gown, or you don't plan on wearing any bracelet or necklace. In this case, choosing from detailed bridal veils may just be the thing for you. There are so many options you can choose from that you are sure to find something to complement your look.

A veil with a lot of detail does not have to be very long, as the grandeur is really in the workmanship as opposed to the length. However, for a really royal look and absolute grandeur, a super long veil will work wonders. Of course, the longer the veil, the more detail necessary to cover it, which undoubtedly means that the cost will be much higher.

Lace is a form of embellishment that can really make a veil a piece of art. If your gown does not have any lace at all, and very little other embellishment, then you can go all out with a super intricate laced veil for impact. Lace makes a great edge on a veil. If you happen to be having your gown custom-created, no matter how fancy it is, you may want to ask to have the veil made to match the gown if there is any lace on it.

Lace can look even more bedazzling if beads and sequins are used. Iridescent sequins are a prime choice in bridal wear because they add sparkle without weighing down any part of the ensemble. You can opt to have more embellishment closer to the top of the veil where you head is and secure it with pins so it doesn't fall. Alternatively, with a much longer veil that drags on the floor, you might want to have greater embellishment there, so that it holds the veil down when you are walking.

Crystals and rhinestones are another way to add some sparkle. Flat back crystal rhinestones can be added to the body of the veil in a scattered formation so that it catches the light from any angle. Crystals of different sizes are also a good idea when doing this.

As mentioned before, crystal scattering could be done more heavily around the top. Alternatively, the clusters of crystals could be placed around the edge of the veil. It is really important to know how to balance the decoration on the veil with the rest of the bride's look, including her jewelry and also any beading or detail that may be on her gown.

For a really classic elegance, turn to pearls. They can be sewn into the lace detail. Otherwise, they can be used just like crystals and scattered across the surface of your veil. Use half back pearls for something like this as they stick easily to the veil tulle.

A mixture of pearls, beads and crystals will undoubtedly add a lot of detail to any headpiece for a bride. It is absolutely fine to go all out with a veil if there is no jewelry to be worn or if the gown is rather plain. For the bride who loves to go overboard, however, a highly detailed veil with a fancy gown and carefully selected accessories will be breathtaking.

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