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Learn How To Shop For Jewelry In A Native American Store

By Leslie Ball

A lot of folks have a passion for jewelry and enjoy shopping for authentic and unique handcrafted pieces. People who are looking for specific designs and stones can find them in a Native American store. Anyone who has not yet visited a shop that sells this type of jewelry will be surprised. Before you buy, however, there are some tips for making sure your purchase is authentic.

Jewelry that includes silver and other materials combined with turquoise is very popular. The beauty of the turquoise rings, bracelets, and earrings, is enhanced by sterling silver. Jewelry purchased in the traditional stores does not provide the natural beauty and tradition that is so appealing. American Indian earrings, rings, and bracelets have designs that are unique and capture the styles of days past.

The designs are timeless and because they are handcrafted each piece is slightly different making them one of a kind. This also means that the jewelry is created the same way it was years ago. The American Indian has a very strong culture and the designs and techniques are passed from generation to generation. This allows folks to experience history created today by the descendants of their tribes.

It is vital that you buy from stores that are well respected. Many stores selling this type of adornment offer pieces that have been produced in a factory in bulk. The items that are sold in these stores are far from authentic. If you are looking for authenticity, you will most likely not be shopping in a store that sells items that have been manufactured.

There are certain characteristics that you should look for when evaluating jewelry. Specifically, folks will assess the materials used, appearance of the piece, the source and dealer, and documentation of authenticity. When assessing the appearance of the piece make certain that it is well made. For example, the stone should be properly cut.

Many Native artists will include some sort of branding or a hallmark on each piece as identification. Make sure that you look for any marking that will identify the piece as authentic. Also be certain that the silver is sterling and the turquoise in genuine. Keep in mind that authentic earrings, bracelets, and rings, can be pricey. If a price tag seems too good of a bargain it is quite possible the piece is not genuine.

Make certain that you also inquire about the origin of the piece you are interested in. A piece is determined to be authentic when it is crafted by an individual who belongs to a tribe that is acknowledged by the government. Also, gather information about the seller and when you buy, obtain the documentation that proves authenticity.

If you make time to educate yourself on the characteristics of this kind of jewelry, you will be able to make a proper purchase. Be sure that you go through the steps to evaluate items you want to buy. You no doubt, will be spending quite a bit of cash on this jewelry so make certain that you confirm the authenticity.

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