lundi 16 mars 2015

Synthetics And Hair Pieces For Alopecia

By Leslie Ball

Alopecia Areata is the state or condition of baldness which happens gradually. It starts to happen when the immune system malfunctions and attacks instead the follicles. This is the part where hair growth and development begins. But when the immune system attacks it, baldness happens.

Both men and women can have this condition. Health experts do not have the exact reasons and explanations why the immune system attacks the follicles, but they do know that there are certain remedies for this. Hair pieces for Alopecia are already available. These are made into stylish wigs and extensions to make the person look better.

A lot of strands can be taken off from the scalp when this happens. There are times when it grows again after a few months or a year. But there is no guarantee that everything will be back to the normal volume or length. In some cases, it will never grow back making them entirely bald.

As mentioned earlier, it may be derived from a family member or it can be taken from other forms of diseases. Skin diseases and abnormalities in the nail texture and shape can also contribute to Alopecia. There are also other psychological effects of this illness to some. They may feel that they are losing their confidence and that the people that surround them are always making fun of them.

The crowning glory makes everyone feel handsome or beautiful. They even go to salons to change their styles, have some haircut, or get some curls. Those who are not strong emotionally could need some counseling. The hardest part of the condition is acceptance.

Those who already have known about the illness because they have a family history may be able to accept it faster because they have understood about it and they can find comfort from that family member. For those who are the first in their family to have the condition, it might be very difficult to accept. Analysis and blood tests come soon after the diagnosis. The doctors want to make sure that there are no other more dangerous illnesses related to this.

For the treatment, there are many synthetic hairpieces that can be used to cover up the baldness. There are also products that can be used to thicken the strands or to make it look or achieve a thick volume temporarily. Styling techniques may also help in making it look thicker than it is. But for those who are already bald, there are stylish natural looking wigs that they can purchase.

They can even consult experts to help them create a better image of themselves. They can give tips on how to style. If the patient is not a fan or wigs and synthetics, he or she can be fashionable with nice hats. But this may not be applicable indoors.

If there is no other way, the only way to get through all this is acceptance. They need to understand wholeheartedly that life still goes on even if they are bald. They have lovable personalities that can replace their crowning glory. In addition, they have their loved ones who can make them realize that life is beautiful no matter what happens.

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