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Tips For Finding A Good Clothing Alteration Service Joliet Clients Should Consider

By Lelia Hall

Sometimes even that perfect new blouse or pair of pants a person buys could be further improved upon with a few adjustments to its fit. Older pieces of clothing eventually show signs of wear and will require repairs at some point. These are both examples of the type of work a seamstress or tailor does. When it comes to finding a reliable clothing alteration service Joliet IL residents should consider these guidelines.

Most garments can be appropriately altered in such a way that they are a better fit for the wearer. This can include adjusting the hem or waistline on pants, dresses, and skirts or the sleeves on shirts, blouses, or blazers. Taking in seams and adding darts are other ways clothing can be resized. Common repairs are replacing zippers, and mending holes or tears in fabric.

Alterations to wearing apparel can be done by either a tailor, a seamstress, or seamster(male). Although these two occupations are similar, and as a result often confused by many, they differ from each other in that tailors can also design and construct garments as well as repair and alter them, while seamsters or seamstresses normally just provide adjustments and mending services for existing clothing items.

A custom tailor who can also be referred to as a "bespoke" is someone with the highest degree of familiarity with textiles, styles of sewing, and fitting their clients. These experts may also do simple work like repairs and alterations, but most of their time is spent building clothes from scratch according to their customers' specifications.

The best way to locate a skilled tailor or seamstress is to simply ask around; one can ask friends, family, and coworkers if they can recommend someone. Dry cleaners may also be helpful in this respect, since many of them have an alterations staff that works with them, or if not, they may be familiar with someone because they too work in the apparel industry.

When interviewing prospective services, it's important to find out how long the person has been in business for and if they have extensive experience in working with the type of garment one is looking to have altered. Some of them also offer specialized work such as leather repairs, or restyling outdated clothing to give it a more up-to-date look. They should demonstrate a wide breadth of knowledge about all fabric and garment types.

A professional service will have a standard pricing system for the alterations and repairs they provide. In some cases prices may vary depending on the garment and fabric type. Establishing a "going-rate" for the task at hand is best accomplished by comparing price quotes from several tailors or seamstresses, and this will also reveal if one is overcharging.

In order to properly alter a garment to suit the wearer, a true expert will request that the client put on the piece of clothing so he or she can better explain the changes desired. This allows for more effective communication between the customer and the tailor as to what changes are to be made to the garment. It should be expected that the tailor or seamstress will be pinning and marking the garment during this initial fitting session.

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