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Useful Procedures In Creating Embroidered Patches

By Mattie Knight

Clothes that we see everyday comes in varieties and classifications. Some are simple while others have exquisite designs on it. No matter what the look might be, the most important thing is that attires make us look good. We wont be able to display our selves confidently without it. Having many kinds of clothes from top to bottom is really amazing and fantastic.

There is no question about the beauty and grace that designs can give. Embroidered patches are considerably good, excellent and pleasurable to watch. Whenever it will be placed in a cloth, you cannot helped but be mesmerize by its fascinating feature. If you seem eager and excited to make your own stuff, then here are some steps you might want to follow.

Preparation of the required supplies and tools. The materials you need includes sewing kit, designing tools, flat iron and some safety gears for yourself. While you are busy checking the quality of each stuff, make sure that your working area is also ready. Clothed in some safety equipment like apron to protect yourself. Be careful in preparing the needles and other harmful things.

Make sure that the base fabrics are iron well. Remember, the iron is your friend. You have to iron the fabric from both sides so the result would definitely look good. Do not heat the iron too high, especially if your fabrics are thin. Repeatedly do some strokes to remove all the crumpled look. Take precaution in handling a hot iron. It might burn your skin.

Come up with a design and print it in the fabric. You can search the internet for the possible designs and decorations that pleases you. If you are a first timer in making patches, its advisable to choose simple patterns. After you made a final decision, its now time to place your preferred design in the fabric. Trace it properly and with great care.

Identify how to sew and learn the various types of stitches. You can either use a machine or your own hands in sewing it. Both procedures require focus and attention. Learning the different kinds of stitches is also necessary. You should understand how to properly sew so there would be no problem in the long run.

Accomplishing your task. After you have done the above mentioned steps, its now time to beautify your work. Trim all the excess parts of the cloth including the small hairs. This is a very complex procedure, so carefully do it well or you might end up cutting some design. Go to a lighted place so you can see clearly the pattern.

Place your patch in any clothes or attires you want. Decide on where you will place the patches. Do you want it to be present in shirts. Is it better to put in shorts. Make a decision and ensure it is the right one. Put it properly in the right area you wanted.

Have many designs of patches. Repeat the entire process, but this time create another set of decoration. Consider putting the finish work on another set of clothes. You can consider patches as mean for having your own business too.

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