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Hinsons The Lighthouse And Music In The Seventies

By Marci Nielsen

Music is arguably one of the most influential forms of art. This social and cultural activity uses sound as its medium. Since the Paleolithic period to date, it has gained a cult following. It is listened by almost everybody. It is sufficient to state that every person has at least a genre that they like. The seventies era saw legends came to life including Linda Ronstadt, Barbra Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Led Zeppelin, Elton John and Bob Marley. This decade also saw hit singles like The Hinsons The Lighthouse that became their signature song.

Music in this decade became a form of expression with several artists singing about leading contemporary issues affecting the world at the time. Writers wrote material that touched on issues like the Vietnam War. It was common to speak out about real issues. This decade saw the maturity of artists. It was used to speak about how governments ran their country. America was criticized for its role in wars among many other issues. However not everything was politicized.

The decade saw the growth of many styles. Many artistes and groups came up with new sounds and styles that propagated their rise in the industry. Main styles from this decade were Disco, and Reggae. The former however quickly fell from grace while the latter was a successor to Ska. This experimentation resulted in a diversified crop of artistes like the infusion of pop into Country music.

With the amount of competition in the industry then, there was a need for remaining relevant and fresh. Due to this reason, there was a need to come up with good material. The Hinsons for example came up with their hit song The Lighthouse when their content was old. The song propelled them to stardom, which saw them tour the country.

Music from this era was more mature and calm compared to the rebelliousness and defiance of the sixties. It started with a bang from disco beats and settled into a more relaxed tone. This was because people wanted a change from the fighting that characterized the sixties. The market refused any content that was considered silly and highly commercialized.

The seventies produced many legends and opportunities to achieve greatness. The Hinsons created a unique sound and followed it with a great performance routine. This saw the group categorized as a radical act. Despite this, the audience loved the group and this saw them tour the country. They mixed country music with a more contemporary beat.

The decade never lacked in creativity. This was a necessity for relevance and success. The industry was filled with many acts and different styles thus became quite competitive. Creativity saw legends like Bob Marley break from traditional Rocksteady and Ska styles and crossed over to Reggae.

The seventies was a great period that saw the advent of many musical hits, styles and creations. Many bands got their breakthroughs in this period with some achieving international stardom and record sales. Many groups like The Hinsons peaked in this period touring the country. One of the members Ronny Hinson has since become a renowned gospel songwriter winning any accolades and awards.

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