mercredi 4 novembre 2015

Many Types Of World Trade Center Prints

By Mattie Knight

Every American recalls that fateful day, September 11, 2001. Most people remember where they were and what they were doing the moment they heard the news. Thankfully there are many World Trade Center Prints available depicting the Center before the planes struck the world renowned buildings in New York City. Naturally, there have been many more prints and works of art created showing the Center as it is today.

In pictures that predate 2001, the twin towers are frequently the focal point of the photographic and artistic images. Other times the broader shots show the towers as background images demonstrating how much a part of the Manhattan landscape they were. The artwork is available in vibrant color or completely devoid of color. Prints with color or lack of color are available to please almost any preference.

Happily, there is a price to accommodate every budget. You can order a poster online for as little as thirteen dollars. For art lovers with grander budgets there are limited edition reprints for a few thousand dollars. Broad views or close up detailed images are all intriguing and beautiful.

An important part of displaying a treasured print is the presentation. Some websites allow the shopper to view the selected print with various combinations of matting and frames. The print of your choice can be presented with modern or more traditional touches. Using this feature allows you to hang the artwork as soon as shipment is received.

Whether you intend to fill in a small space on your wall or fill an entire wall with a panoramic view of this special area of New York City, you can find just what you need to suit your personal environment. The magnitude of the work available speaks to the deep meaning the Center holds for so many people.

Prints that show the memorial built in the ground where the towers once stood are just as meaningful. War and terrorism are destructive and tragic, yet somehow the worst of times brings out the best in men and women. Efforts to divide people can have the effect of creating a new unity among those very same people. All the artwork memorializing this location before and after the tragic events of nine eleven prove the coming together of many minds with common thoughts.

The World Trade Center shows what can be created when engineering and imagination come together. Detailed close up images are as beautiful as the far off views that show the towers in the background. The absence of these buildings still leaves a hole in the collective heart of Americans.

To truly appreciate the Center's magnitude and meaning you should visit the memorial at ground zero. It is truly inspiring. For those of us who are not able to make the trip, visit the website to see the memorial that pays tribute to all those who lost their lives on Nine Eleven or during the aftermath and rescue efforts. The emotions that will be evoked while visiting the memorial can be overwhelming. This event cannot and will not be forgotten. Thanks to photographers and artist, we can remember what was and reflect on what remains.

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