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Facts To Know About Bow Ties For Men

By Mattie Knight

A bow tie as a type of necktie entered the fashion scene back in the early nineteenth century. It is thought to be a modification of the cravat, a predecessor that originated in the Croatian army. By the mid-1880s, it was a staple male fashion for formal occasions. Bow ties for men are still gaining popularity in certain societies especially as they continue to undergo modification and change. In societies that used them long ago, they are regaining popularity.

Bow ties did not undergo change in form only, but in function too. It has transcended the pure traditional and formal stereotypes partly due to the mass acceptance that it received since its introduction. People have changed their minds about how they view them. No one thinks of them as purely for formal occasions anymore. Current uses were not originally meant to be. For example, it is a common street style, uniform in some states, and a major celebrity fashion.

Today, the incorrigible sartorial laws that previously applied are no longer powerful. Anyone can now wear this tie to any occasion and for any reason. There is no discrimination against gender or age. Any person who is stylistically outgoing would be more than happy to put one in their wardrobe any day. Celebrities seem to like and prefer this product especially when attending public occasions.

The tie is made in the form of a ribbon. The ribbon is tied in a symmetrical fashion around the collar with the two ends creating a loop. Traditional versions require the wearer to tie them because they are made in the form of strips. They are commonly called self-tie, tie-it-yourself, or freestyle. On the contrary, are made in an already tied fashion to save the wearer the trouble of tying them.

The choice of fabric used to manufacture this product limited. Polyester, cotton, and silk tend to be the most common. A blend of the various fabrics is also not very uncommon. The fabrics are combined in varying proportions. On the other hand, four-in-hand neckties are produced more often from wool. The traditional shoelace knot is employed in tying modern tie-it-yourself styles.

Modern Western societies are accustomed more to traditional neckties. People wear them commonly in occasions like business meetings and formal meetings. On the other hand, fun-formal events like dinner and cocktail party are dominated by the bow tie. Wearing the bow tie with a suit retains a formal look for those who prefer it that way.

Two types of this product exist today. The two kinds are tie-it-yourself and ready-tied. Less experienced people in these pieces of clothes tend to prefer ready-tied types. Ready-tied models are sometimes seen as armature in certain occasions. Clip-ons are found of some ready-tied kinds for pinning on the collar without going round the neck.

Self-tie models can be placed into two other sub-categories, that is, bat wing and thistle or butterfly. Besides the two, there are other shapes in use too. People choose the shape of their tie depending on their sense of style and preference.

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