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What To Consider In A Keynote Speaker

By Larry Martin

Keynote speeches either set the agenda or crown a meeting. The purpose is mainly dictated by its positioning during the occasion. It therefore means that the keynote speaker must be selected with caution. There is a reason the chairman, CEO or other influential personalities still present are not given the responsibility. The right person makes the difference between flopping and succeeding.

There is some clout that comes with finding an authoritative in your area. This should be a person envied by all players. An influential and successful person in the industry will fit the role. You should consider a person who most participants regard as a role model. This means that he or she commands authority, not because of the role currently assigned but his or her mere presence.

Awareness of challenges and triumphs of participants and the industry in general is important. This will inform the speech making it relevant and motivating to them. Personal stories should also be shared and magnified in a way that makes the audience consider the person one of their own. By this understanding, a bond is created that makes the message captivating and easier to identify with.

Symposiums and conferences are serious business. When all is said and done, it is this speaker who packages the message in a summarized manner. This summary and delivery makes the message memorable. Humor also brings a sense of relief after lengthy deliberations and discussions for several days. The message of such speakers resonates in the minds of participants and makes the conference memorable.

Some situations call for speakers to act as moderators. This happens when the person is expected to motivate or cause the participants to generate ideas. You will need an outgoing personality in such a case. This is a person who can engage without intimidating. The hall must also be organized in a way to facilitate such a discussion. This is the best approach when dealing with a small group of people.

Since such speakers play different roles, it is the position assigned in the program that will determine the purpose of a speech. Those slated for the beginning of a meeting are required to set the tone or agenda. In case your slot is in the middle, your responsibility is to fire the debate towards the conclusion. A speech delivered at the close of a session is meant to cement or crown the message or discussions.

Some characters will not fit the role of main speakers. Avoid the divisive or controversial figures. Their message drives a wedge between different groups which will leave the organization worse. Radical ideas are also likely to affect the momentum and aims of an organization. Avoid hyped ordinary individuals because of their obvious style that ignites little excitement. Anybody given the role should add value to the conference.

Despite speakers having own messages to deliver and style, they must be briefed to customize their delivery. This includes the actual position of participants, organization, group or company. Sensitivity to the expectations of the crowd will make the delivery effective. Your primary goal should be to find an individual who best represents your journey or status as a group.

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