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Simples Tips For Each Future Videographer

By Michelle Sullivan

We may aspire to become famous celebrities or even become videographers when we grow old once we get to witness and have inspiration in watching different films that interest us. With the proper will and discipline, we could have that dream to come true. Be warned that there are challenges in shooting too like applying the right techniques and rules since having a camera is not all it takes to become one.

We might be aware that videography is about the whole process of capturing those moving images using whatever kind of medium which may be streaming or electronic. However, video or post production are included in that and even if we are still amateurs or merely enthusiasts, we can actually start learning with the basic steps. In fact, we will learn and understand about simple tips for each future Los Angeles videographer out there. For example, shooting some documentaries in the city of Ventura, California could be easier for you.

For starters, we should learn how to handle those cameras by being a Steady Eddie. That is a term for keeping a camera steady. This is best achieved when a person has a tripod and this avoids us from zooming or panning every time. That gives us a cleaner result unlike merely moving with blurry outputs.

Individuals may have thought that placing our entire bodies should fit in frames when that is not the case for there are a variety of angles. The wide, medium, and close up shot are common examples which you should try. What gives us more choices on what to place in editing is by providing scenes that were shot from different angles. We could identify what shot to use in the long run when we are familiar with all angles.

Make sure to have a nice lighting just like how photography takes place. That means your subjects should have enough light but avoid too much lighting as well. Prevent recording in places that are against the light. In fact, doing that during the noon is not recommendable either since that is the time when the sun usually becomes very bright.

Take a look at every aspect included in a background. There can be circumstances when we film an interview yet lots of individuals will walk by just to get noticed or even wave repetitively at our camera. Provide a minimal design for backgrounds so we could focus watching at the respondent. Put the subject at the left and right only and not on the center.

Time lapse is good for experimentation. Events like what happens during sunrise and others can be interesting to shoot as well. Some settings on other cameras have the special option for this but use the tripod for those who do not have it. In the editing process, speed that up.

Observe when to take action. This cannot be taught easily but once we undergo a variety of recordings, we can tell when the right moment happens. There are times wherein a specific moment could hardly happen again so be wary of your instincts in this.

Frame like taking a picture. Be artistic by adding some styles and there are a lot of those to learn. A good example would be exhibiting the rule of thirds.

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