dimanche 8 mai 2016

How To Choose Professional Hotel Photographers

By Patricia Cooper

Consumers book their hotel rooms nowadays has changed incredibly over the last few years. Of course, this is all thanks to the Internet. Today, people look online before booking a room, to ensure that this is the space they want to spend their time away from home. So, the importance of professional hotel photographers is second to none as they are the ones that can capture the essence of the room and the entire hotel.

Every potential customer will use these photographs as their first impression. So, all areas and features should be photographed. There should be a marketing plan developed, so the photographer will have the opportunity to photograph accordingly for both the website and brochures, if necessary. Unfortunately, those who choose lesser qualified professionals may pay a high price, as it can turn guests away.

It's a small price to pay for success. The manager involved in making the decisions regarding the choice photographer should interview numerous potential candidates. Looking at their portfolio allows the manager to observe their various samples of previous projects. Some may be filled with wedding photography, which would be vital to a resort who caters to weddings. If the photographer is lacking in this department, they may need to look for another who can provide the services.

It's also vital for the photographer to be able to stage a room vis-a-vis with the clientele being targeted. It could be as simple as the way the curtains are drawn or the bedspreads folded down, with a tray placed in a particular angle to provide warmth in the images. Alternatively, a hotel that aims toward businesses may use a laptop on a table that overlooks a beautiful view.

Again, it's all a part of the bigger scheme of the marketing strategy. That said, the photographer needs to use his creativity to show rooms or suites in their best light, so to speak. And on the subject of light, it has to be absolutely perfect, otherwise too much will be lost.

Improper lighting causes adverse effects both in digital and print photos. Moreover, professional equipment is necessary to be able to take the right pictures. Wide-angle lenses are a must because they can make even a small room appear much larger and more inviting.

The hotel may easily generate greater revenues through attracting more guests that come directly from smart marketing, advertising, and impeccable photography. Having said that, it is necessary for the target age group to be emphasize through a model of that age group. Therefore, it would be necessary for the photographer to be able to choose the appropriate models.

A highly qualified pro like this should be able to seek out the best views and potential settings of the resort, as these will always be used to sell their image. Moreover, the marketing manager should stipulate their policy about how they purchase and present their photographs. It's usually in their best interest to choose a photographer that can provide all types of digital files so that they may be used in various formats. This will allow them to use them on their website, in print, as for brochures, and so on.

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