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Things To Know Before Getting A Celebrity Custom Jewelry Designer

By Sophia L. Vanderbilt

When you are a celebrity, getting the stock pieces of jewelry sold for everyone may not work for you. There is a need to stand out, and nothing creates this uniqueness better than acquiring a few pieces of custom made ornaments. In case you have been wondering how to get unique pieces that will not lead to headlines such as who wore it better, it is time to invest in a celebrity bespoke jewelry designer. Here is what you need to know about these experts and the process they follow in making the designs.

The jeweler first designs the piece. The design process will be done according to your specifications. When you visit the expert, they will ask you what you have in mind. You get to sit down with them and describe what you have in mind. They will draw the design. Other specifications you will make include the precious metals to be used in the process, and the value in karats. Once you agree on design, you will discuss the cost and the process will begin.

Carving the piece of metal using wax is the next step. To accomplish this, the jeweler takes a piece of the wax, normally bigger than the finished product, and carves out the design that they created on paper. This process is carried out using carving tools.

Wax is used because it is easy to mold and rectify if need be. The experts also prefer wax because once a certain piece is finished; they will just melt it and store it waiting for remodeling for the making of other pieces in future. Wax is the most low-cost and reusable jeweling option.

Adding spruce pieces of wax to the design that has been created with the wax is the other thing to do. These are simply rods and wedge shaped pieces that provide a path for the molten metal to get into the mold, and for air to escape. A torch or lighter softens the mod enough for the piece to attach itself.

The valuable molten metal is then poured into the design. That allows it to set perfectly. After that process has been completed, the jewelry is left having removed the wax. At this stage, you can also have your name engaged in the design.

The advantages that come from this custom jewelry creation process are countless. To start with, you get pieces that are 100 percent unique and made according to your specifications as the customer. Second, the process assures you of accuracy because the jeweler will make exactly what you sit down and design together. Third, you get a say on how much the piece will cost.

Those are the things you need to know about custom made jewelry. To get the best results, you need to consult a jeweler that fully understands what they are doing. As long as get an experienced person in the making of custom jewelry, you will never stop amazing friends with unique and beautiful pieces. Ask around to ensure that you get the right professional for quality services.

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