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The History And Steps Behind Photo Manipulation

By John Richardson

Pictures are altered manually and digitally to portray another image by use of different methods. This method of photo manipulation is used to achieve the expected outcome after resetting the picture. Some of these tasks require skills to perform while other are done without any knowledge depending on the purpose.

After the task has been completed, the desired outcome of the snap will be used to tell lies about someone since it will show a person doing something different from the actual picture. This happens mostly when it is displayed on a public place or on a magazine. It is done by playing around with the snapshot, its background and everything present on it making them look nice or bad.

A photographic artist can change the look on a person in the picture look different creating a unique appearance hence considered art form. These experts are also able to change the signature of the picture leaving it totally different from the original one. They can also add or reduce the amount of light on a picture creating a dark or light skinned person from the machine.

Manually, the process is done by brushing an additional paint on air. This task is carried out from a dark room. Also, the process can be done from a computer which is digital hence it will give the wanted product faster and it is more accurate that manual. A persons portrait is cut from a group photo and produce as one man leaving a question to the owner on when the snapshot was take.

This process started many years ago when there were no cameras and the images were used to be captures in tins and glasses in 19th Century. The person who discovered the Manipulation process was known as Joseph Nicephore Niepce who made the first photograph in 1825. He created the heliography and by the use of photoengraved plate, he printed the first snap.

Back in 19th Century, many people did not know the theory behind it and its production. Slowly, the art started to move from manual to digital and the people started accepting it in 20th Century.

Although at the beginning of this technology people did not take it seriously, in 21st Century the technology brought about the digital cameras. They were far better compared to the last model they had. The digital camera size and weight has made many to embrace it since they could curry them anywhere with no notice. Their picture quality were batter and attractive that before making them to accept it.

In politics, it has been used to convince the viewers about statements used by a certain politician. This is because a small change in a picture of someone can change how you judge them. These manipulated photos can also use then to destroy a certain politician reputation especially when manipulated to destroy the picture or image in viewers mind.

In the media, this is a common thing since they enlarge a person on cover page of the paper changing the size and the actual looks. A journalist can be prosecuted and imprisoned or fine a lot of money.

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