dimanche 17 avril 2016

Preparing As A Keynote Speaker

By Anthony West

Event organizers endeavor to have a climax to their occasion with a message that will keep the spirits of attendants together until the next gathering. This message is to be delivered by the keynote speaker. The organizers or managers therefore make a deliberate search and want a person who can deliver to their expectation. Speakers must therefore work with organizers to actualize this.

Upon identification to address the gathering, what is expected and how do you prepare? A good starting point is full understanding of the mission or expectations of your client. There are differences in all organizations and gatherings. In a discussion with your client, you should identify the purpose of your target gathering and prepare accordingly. Discuss any event that might herald a change in audience composition, intention or mood a few days or hours before your presentation.

Speakers deliver their messages in a unique way. This is the consideration made by your client during short listing. Some are motivators while others instruct, share experiences or entertain. In most cases, your background or character informs the choice. You are therefore expected to live up to the billing. Failure to maintain character leads to a fatal miss meaning that the expectations of the audience are not met.

Organizers slot speakers depending on their aim for invitation. You may be required to address the gathering at the beginning of a conference. This calls for a speech that sets the mood, pace and agenda for the conference. Speakers invited in the middle are supposed to energize the crowd and refocus the debate. If your slot is at the end, your responsibility is to crystallize all that has been discussed and provide a clarion call that will keep the group together till the next meeting.

It is of paramount importance that all guest speakers connect with their audience. This is achieved when you understand the purpose of that gathering. Be aware of the unique challenges facing them on daily basis and point at possible solutions. Your mood should resonate with that of your audience to keep them glued to the message. Find punch lines as well as points of release and tension that will map your speech.

Each audience and timing is different. As such, customize your speech to the audience depending on their situation and composition. You should appear to speak personally to the lowest as well as the highest ranking individual in the gathering. Remember their tragedies and triumphs as though you are one of them. Refer to their history and address their aspirations. This is the way to speak to their hearts.

Speakers delivering keynote address are selected for a reason. In most cases, organizers are looking for some uniqueness that fits well within the year, month, day and timing of the conference. They expect that your address will fit within the prevailing context better than any other person. This calls for a unique and memorable presentation that can never be delivered by any other person.

To make a good speech, you must time and pace the presentation. It should take between thirty and forty five minutes. The style of delivery should be characteristically yours with special focus on the audience and the organization. Prepare adequately to make your presentation flow and with sufficient punch lines to keep the audience glued.

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