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Why Top Quality Fleece Jacket For Women Provide Comfort And Warmth

By Ida Dorsey

You really want to get the best value for your money when buying synthetic fleece jackets. When made from the highest quality, the warmth and comfort they bring is unparalleled. When this material was first developed in Massachusetts, the Lawrence located Malden Mills was owned by Aaron Feuerstein. He wanted to have the fabric manufactured worldwide. His choice to open distribution and sales globally contributed to its rapid recognition.

In older times, wool was the most common fiber used to create warm clothing. But once the synthetic version came to market, people embraced its light weight, easy washing and swift drying capabilities. For this reason, it is highly popular when used to make stylish and warm fleece jacket for women, and many other garments for cold weather wear.

People usually recommend fleeces in varying weights due to its unique properties. It does insulate from chilly temperatures and it is comfortable to wear due to its fluid flexibility. It also washes easily and will dry very fast. Add that there are many patterns and colors available, and stylish women appreciate being able to match different garments to their fashion tastes.

There are a myriad of weights to consider before buying. The manufacturers generally refer to these weights in numbers. The standard increments are micro, which is the lightest, 100, 200 and 300, which is the heaviest. These are all comfortable to wear, and much lighter than the wool of sheep, which these replicate. The various designations indicate how much cold the clothing is intended to guard against.

There are jackets for every purpose as well. Fashionable coats for business days, knee length capes for social outings, athletic wear of all kinds and wind breakers are common. Most ladies will buy several kinds depending upon what activities they enjoy.

Even when clothing made from the various fleeces gets wet, it will still continue to insulate against cold. The price increases for the heavier weights, and most companies will describe what purpose and level of cold each item is designed to withstand. Spending more money for a thickly insulated jacket is well worth the price considering how extremely efficient and comfortable these items can be.

There are many suitable garments made with double layers. The outer layer may focus on warmth and design, while the inner one will add that extra insulation value. Whether you choose one that looks similar to a knitted sweater or one that has quilting stitches, the jacket should be designed with the main goal of keeping you comfortable when the temperatures drop. Keep in mind that those constructed with single layers may be best for early fall or later spring when the weather is not quite so bitter.

Feuerstein set Malden Mills to the task of developing a material that would give the warmth of sheep wool but without the weight. He intended that the polyester substitute would be highly efficient. His company reached its goal, and now women worldwide enjoy wearing it for many activities and occasions. The original company eventually evolved into famous name brands of this material. Its versatile fabrics are now the gold standard for high quality cold weather wear.

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