lundi 24 novembre 2014

Advantage Of Custom Size Acrylic Prints Over Ordinary Ones

By Ida Dorsey

There are several ways to ensure that an image is immortalized. Today there are a lot of platforms where you can store your images. But for people who want to display the images and be sure that they are protected against different types of elements, they need to spend on materials that are durable enough to hold the image.

And now they are using materials that were thought to not be suited for a printing process. That is why custom size acrylic prints are the fad today. This is now something that can be achieved by the average people since the demand for this product has increased over the years. It has double the durability of the other materials that was used ensuring the longevity of the image.

Because of the larger demand of these prints today, there several methods are already used to cater to the preferences and the means of customers. You can have it directly printed to the sheet or you can face mount it. There is also the sandwich method. Depending on the budget that you have, and what you like to see, you can choose between the three famous methods.

The most used and suggested method for the use of this material is face mounting. This means that the image would be printed in white paper and is pasted in the acrylic sheet. According to experts, it is better this way because it is taking advantage of the reflective feature of the sheet, therefore giving off the 3D effect.

Before, the main material that was usually utilized for this kind of things are canvass sheets. And it is still widely utilized today. There are some who still prefer it over the newer methods. And some go for it because of the affordability.

Sunlight is the reason why the vibrancy of the photo does not last very long. Even when it protected by a frame, it would still do this to your images. But with the used of acrylics, the longevity of the vibrancy can be guaranteed. It will be protected because of the material that it is made with.

In terms of shattering and when dropped, since this is basically made of plastic, you should not be worried when it hits the ground. However it is still susceptible to chipped ends and scratching. That is why it is still needs to be handled with care. But you have the option of paying of scratch resistant sheets if you want.

The final result of prints that are in different materials is still debated by many. Some say that the other is more beautiful. But this is really based on the preferences of the person who is looking at the portrait. You can never say that canvass prints lack beauty because other people prefer this over acrylics.

The rate of the two materials differ very much. If you are on tight budget and but still want to achieve quality, it is okay to go for canvass made frames. But if you have the extra budget and you want to be certain that the image would last longer than you really need to go for the other one.

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