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Where To Find Cheap Bohemian Style Clothing

By Karina Frost

Some people are known for their ability to dress for success in the chic high fashion garments found on the runways around the world. Others are better known for their ability to stylize their looks using more casual pieces that fit loosely and allow far more freedom of movement while still enhancing the wearers best features. Knowing how to recognize and where to find cheap Bohemian style clothing is essential for those following this fashion trend.

The look is called Boho chic and uses the hippie look of the sixties along with the starving artist mind set. This look can be dressed up or down according to need or event. One of the basic rules is to not overdo your design when getting dressed. Using modern wardrobe basics along with a few distinctive pieces that have unique features helps to achieve balance in your outfit. Overdoing can detract from your image and sometimes make you look like a beggar on the street.

These garments can be layered using flowing skirts with peasant blouses, jackets, wide belts and sashes. Scarves can be reinvented as belts, shawls, belts or head bands changing the dynamic of the outfit without adding more pieces to the overall look. Skirts can be re-purposed into dresses with a jacket or shawl and jewelry to complete the ensemble.

Finding the detail rich accessories that fit with your face and body style may take some time but there are a multitude of different places available to search for them. The internet contains hundreds of sources that can supply pictures of their garments and many supply catalogs that contain items not seen online. In addition to vintage and tie dyed items they usually have jewelry and other accessories for sale that match the pieces you have purchased.

The neighborhood thrift store is another rich resource for finding garments and accessories to create your look. These stores specialize in items that have been gently worn and have character. Much of their stock comes from estate sales that contain garments and jewelry from the flower child era.

Specialty shops and novelty stores usually have a large supply of retro items including tie dyed garments that work very well with weathered jeans. Some proprietors create their own designs and others purchase them in bulk numbers. Some pieces you might see include shirts, dresses, purses and totes.

Regional flea markets and county fairs also have booths that offer garments that are either Bohemian in nature or re-purposed for resale. Here you may find long loose flowing dresses or skirts made from silk scarves that are perfect for layering with a short jacket or crocheted shawl. You may also find a cropped halter top made from re-purposed denim jeans that fits your personality perfectly.

Regardless of the item you are looking for you can be fairly certain to find it with a little research on the internet. Once you know what it is that completes your look it becomes a simple task of finding it locally or completing an order from the best retailer online.

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