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Handmade Hats For Newborns For Gifts Or Photo Ops

By Kerri Stout

Shopping for babies is always fun, especially when it's for something special rather than necessities like diapers. There are great specialty boutiques, and all departments sores have baby clothes. But the internet is a resource that's hard to match for variety and choice. Handmade hats for newborns are something that stores necessarily stock in limited supply, but online it seems like the selection goes on forever.

Of course, there are always grandmothers and other relatives who love to anticipate a blessed event by knitting or crocheting a gift themselves. For those with the necessary skills, there are so many patterns available that again the only problem is picking one. The choice ranges from cozy to elegant to cute, and any of them will enhance a photo op.

It's fun to virtual window shop, especially if you're planning on taking pictures for a baby album or a birth announcement. Seeing the designs that are available will give you great ideas on how to best present the new arrival to friends and family. There are even sets for twins and designs for kids who've grown a bit while you're getting your photographic gear together.

Baby animals are as cute as baby humans, and many of the designs for tiny ones feature ears, noses, and even whiskers. You can choose from the whole animal kingdom, but bears, bunnies, lions, tigers, puppies, cats, and monkeys are favorites. Dinosaurs are also popular; sets with cap and diaper cover can present both roaring head and spiky tail.

Most of the styles are modeled by babies that still look like kittens so young their eyes aren't opened yet. They look adorable in aviator caps complete with goggles, sailor caps, or fireman helmets. Little girl models are decked in flowers, lace, jewels, or ranee-worthy turbans. Sports themes are featured, as well, with tiny football helmets or baseball caps complete with favorite-team colors and logos.

These make wonderful shower gifts. They can be whimsical, perhaps reflecting the mother's preference for kittens or butterflies. They can also be practical; tiny ears won't get in the way when Baby heads home from the hospital, snug in his close-fitting cap. More elegant ones may only be used for christenings, but what keepsakes they will be.

Across the country, many knitting and crocheting clubs work around the year making caps to include in layettes. Charitable organizations give starting supplies to expectant mothers or couples who need help getting things ready for Baby's arrival. Many people these days may live far from close relatives and will be touched to receive a handmade gift celebrating their baby's birth.

So, if you need a gift, are planning a 'new arrival' photo shoot, are deciding on an outreach for your club or church group, or just want an adorable hat for your little one, go online to see how much fun these tiny bonnets can be. Both girl and boy designs are represented in the wares of online companies or in patterns for knitting, crocheting, or sewing.

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