lundi 22 septembre 2014

Essential Tool Must-Haves For Apparel Photographers

By Lessie Kaufman

It is definitely a given for professionals to obtain the right tools they need for their work. There are numerous tools that professionals need to make work efficient and provide quality results. Apparel photographers, especially, need a few tools they can use for their work. Here are those tools that the said professional should have.

There is the steamer. It should already be obvious but the said tool is needed so that you can quickly refresh the morning wardrobe. This should help work in more volume to fabrics. It works best with heavier fabrics too. You need at least a 1200 watts steamer that provides a consistent flow of steam when turned on.

You need a clothing rack. In fact, you need more than one clothing rack. The clothing rack should be durable enough to handle any fabric that you put on it, whether that fabric is heavy or not. The clothing rack you choose to use for your work should also have rollers so that you can easily roll them around where you need them.

You need a quality lint brush as well. The said tool should help you keep your clothes dust-free and debris-free. You can take a picture of the clothes without worrying about unidentifiable things that make them look ugly. The lint brush is very useful in removing stray hairs, dust, and loose threads that cling to the clothes stubbornly.

There is a need to have shears and scissors too. Whenever you see a loose thread on the clothes, it is your job to remove it. The same when you see the tag on the clothes. If you are asked to remove these loose thread or tag, the best tool to use for that is the shears and scissors. They cut these things without causing damage to the clothes.

Pins is another essential item for you. You have to keep all types of pins in your drawer. There are many types of pins that you should be able to use in this work. Some of the perfect examples of the said pins are the bobby pins, thumbtacks, safety pins, and sewing pins. You will come to need these pins at some point at work.

Fills are pretty important as well. The fills are particularly used in plumping up clothes, especially when the clothes are put on mannequins. If it is just the mannequins, the clothes will not look as lovely as it is when a real life model wears it. The fills should help eliminate that plain effect.

You need a clear tubing as well. It should be easy to find the clear tubing at the hardware store, specifically at the plumbing section. You can say that this is one of the great tools to have to add structure to the dress you are taking a picture of. You can use this when filling the sleeves and even giving them shape.

A cork board is also essential for the photographer's work. The cork board is useful when you are trying to attach a backdrop. When you are attaching a backdrop, you will be making use of the thumbtacks and pins here too.

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