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Wedding Photo Booth Rental Denver

By Deborah Davis

Photo booth rentals are one of the best ways of making weddings unique. The booths ensure your day is not just memorable for you but also for guests attending the function. Nowadays, brides prefer to rent booths as opposed to use of traditional forms of photography since it comes with additional fun. When considering wedding photo booth rental Denver residents ought to know how to make the right choices.

One of the considerations is idle time charges. These charges can either help in saving money or lead to more charges. There are many service providers who will offer idle time for free, that is for those wish to split the rental time into different slots. For example, if you had a 4-hour booth but wanted it just from 6 to 8pm before resuming at 10 till midnight, there are vendors who will allow you to do this as you pay for 2 hours idle time. This tends to be a discounted rate.

It will be important to ask the vendor in question if they could set aside time to come and set up before the anticipated time. If one needs the booth to be set up some hours before arrival of guests, there are those that might charge you for idle time. This might be from the time they finish setting up to the moment the booth starts being used.

Template design will be very important. You need to be in a position to know whether your preferred service provider can personalize the template to be used for booth pictures. There are many in-house graphics designers working with clients to design templates that suit the function. The design needs to done creatively and should have a color scheme that is well coordinated. There are companies that do not have graphic specialists.

Guarantee up time is another important aspect to consider. Irrespective of how thorough a service provider is, it is possible that the booth might stop working at a given point because that is how electronics behave at certain times. In majority of instances, companies will have backup equipment just in case their equipment fails. They also may offer guarantee up time policy. This guarantees some percentage of time that the booth is expected to be working.

When a company has guarantee up time policy, it would mean that should there be a problem and the booth fails to work for some time, a certain amount of money will be refunded to the client. You should also ask if the company will offer extra digital copies. This becomes useful if one wants to have a copy of photos taken during the function.

More often than not, vendors will upload photos of the function into an online gallery. You will need to ask whether you or your guests can download the high resolution versions of such photos. They should also let you know if they will allow you to re-print the photos in other online forums such as Twitter.

You should choose the best service providers. Most of them advertise their services online. You can use reviews and testimonials to make the right decisions.

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