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Tips When Considering Wedding Photo Booth Rental Denver

By Frances Wilson

Photo booths have been in use for some time. Over time however, their popularity has increased tenfold as more and more couples prefer to use them for wedding receptions. This has led to the springing up of more and more rental vendors. When considering wedding photo booth rental Denver residents will benefit from certain tips. It is important that one gets the best deals.

Booth size and crop are among the factors to consider. When choosing booths, the bigger it is the better. The bigger ones are not only able to accommodate you and friends well, you will also be able to jump inside if need be. The larger the booth is the more the possibilities for priceless pictures. Crop of the photos is also important. Professionals agree that vertical crop is more formal. There are many companies that use horizontal crop that limits the number of people.

The quality of print will be an important consideration. Many service providers might not produce the right quality prints as they attempt to save on money. You should ask all potential service providers to give you copies of the actual prints. You will thus be able to make comparisons. When comparisons are made side by side, you can make the right decisions. The quality will be able to be realized in a better way.

The potential service providers also should disclose how large the file sizes are. As much as possible, it should be possible to enlarge the print up to 16 inches or larger. To avoid disappointments during the D-Day, your service provider should have backup. Such devices as hard drives, cameras, flash disks and printers might fail. You will also need to confirm that there are standby booths just in case the one in use breaks down.

The other very important consideration is the idle time charge. These charges can save money or make the charges even more costly in the end. Many rental firms will offer idle time at a fee but as long as it is split into varying time slots. For instance, were you to rent a booth for 4 hours but not continuously, they will charge you for the idle hours differently. This is not the case with all firms though, some will charge hourly for that time.

You should ask the vendor whether they can do the set up prior to anticipated start time of the project. This is especially so if you want to have the set up done before guests arrive. Again, some firms will charge for idle time. The time will be counted from when the setting up is finished to when the booth starts to be used.

However reputable a service provider is, electronics might get fussy and stop working for no apparent reason. This might be because of system failure. Most companies will have backup equipment ready in the event of such eventualities.

Further, they may have guarantee up time policy that guarantees some percentage of time that the booth should be working properly. Should there be a problem, and the booth does not work for some time, they refund some amount of package price.

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