samedi 11 juin 2016

Preparation And Talent Is How NY Travel Photographer Captures Award Winning Photos

By Lonnie Hahne

Photography is a combination of preparedness and artistic talent. A photo taken by a leading photographer captures the essence of a place, culture and those who live there. New York City is home base to many of the top artists. They do, however, spend much of their time on location. The NY Travel Photographer worthy of top prize in this genre is sensitive to all nuances plus is fully knowledgeable about the optimal lighting.

Outdoor photography is always a challenge because one can never be sure of the weather conditions he or she will have to work under. A deadline is sometimes impossible due to rain. When a special moment in time occurs, the photographer must be ready to capture it regardless of conditions. Such prize-winning moments happen only once and then the opportunity is gone.

These professionals are responsible for the emotions evoked in a National Geographic magazine article. As a practical way to earn their living, they lead photo tours for the people who are aspiring photographers. They supply the pictures for brochures of everything from the exterior of a hotel to the appeal of an exotic white sand beach.

Real estate agents and architects will take advantage of their talents to advertise homes for sale and architectural skills for hire. There are prizes awarded for photojournalism and spot news photography among others. These are some of the most prestigious awards a photographer can aspire to winning.

There is a famous and familiar photo named Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. Back in 1945 it won a famous award. This was a once in a lifetime shot of a significant historical event. Another award winner on location for the Boston Traveler took four pictures from a plane over the ocean. They captured the tragic sinking of the SS Andrea Doria.

These award winners brought experience and artistic talent to where they snapped these photos. Each was a prime example of being in the right place at the right time. No second opportunity would be given. Their alert reaction and readiness helped win the prestigious awards for pictures that could never be taken again.

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