mercredi 15 juin 2016

Discover The Beauty Of The World Through NY Travel Photographer

By Selena Chery

There are amazing things to photograph in New York City. Many leading photographers have shot pictures of the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Empire State Building. New York City may be the home of a NY Travel Photographer, but he travels around the world to return with photos of cities and remote villages.

Photographers fly off to distant lands to capture shots of volcanoes about to erupt. They allow everyone to see places they never heard of before. They bring back scenery most Americans would not know existed without the pictures they take.

Those without a lot of money cannot afford to tour overseas lands in foreign countries. Of course, there are beautiful sights right here at home. However, it is exciting to travel to faraway places by turning the pages in a coffee table book or the National Geographic. It is an opportunity to see the old castles in Scotland.

Pictures of major tourist attractions are what many people know of in foreign countries. Some examples are the Tower of London and Stonehenge in England. It is interesting to see old world marketplaces where people shop for one days food at a time. The crumbling coliseums that still stand after centuries are even more interesting to see.

The top photographer makes it almost possible to feel imaginary sand under your toes on an exotic beach when you look at the sun rising from the water. He may capture the endangered polar bears in Alaska one day. The next he may point his camera at gorillas living in the diminishing rain forest of Kenya. See Alaskans in parkas trimmed with fur. Look at smiling school children in Kenya wearing bright uniforms.

He may be taking pictures to promote a cause such as saving the habitat of gorillas. He may show a happy family of tourists riding horseback on a mountain trail. All the photographs brought back to New York can be published for the everyday citizen to see and learn about places they might not otherwise know exist.

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