lundi 22 février 2016

Tips To Help You Get The Best Photos From Hotel Photographers

By Rebecca Barnes

If you have an upcoming hospitality industry, you will feel the need to market it as much as possible to increase number of clients. To entice tourists to flock and stay at your hotel, you must send out gorgeous photos of the available indoor spaces. There are many tips and ideas that can help you achieve this, but the most basic of them all is hiring competent hotel photographers. Here are some tips that will help you get the best from them.

The most important consideration is ensuring that you have set the stage correctly for the photography. This means that for the rooms, you need to ensure the beds are well spread and the bed sheets are thoroughly ironed. Also, ensure that you use new and firm pillows as opposed to old ones. Starch the pillow cases for that crisp and fresh look. The same cleanness and presentation rules should also apply to other rooms.

Give a thought to the supporting pillars. Decorations such as the flowers will make the guests feel more appreciated. Also, you can have some salads on the tables to make the rooms look more of businesslike than personal.

Ensure that you have exploited your views to the maximum. There is nothing that makes restaurant photography look better than the inclusion of great views of the outdoors. If the rooms are near or facing the; cityscape, the beach or the lush green countryside, ensure that this is captured in your photos. It will make the area more appealing thereby attracting more customers.

Lighting is another aspect that is vital to restaurant photography. Everyone knows that a photograph is only as good as the lighting used in making it. Play with the natural and artificial light sources, and also the shadows. Add and remove lamps till you get the perfect lighting.

Also put into consideration the angles of the photography. Most photographers recommend wide angles for hotel photos. These can be achieved using special gear such as 16 to 24mm lenses. Remember that wider angles create a spacious feel to a room. Space is one aspect that makes some rooms more popular than others to prospective guests.

Versatility is also important when it comes to restaurant camera work. Always bear in mind that you are trying to sell the inn to people with different ideas on what having a good time is. Hire an expert who will help you to mix up the ideas and come up with a wide range of shoots. Have the expert take as many captions as possible and have the best selected later.

These are just a few of the tips that can give you an easy and rewarding time when dealing with interior picture making. Remember that, success will depend on the person that you choose to handle the photo shoot for you. With an experienced cameraman, the process will be simple as well as very rewarding.

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