dimanche 21 février 2016

Some Useful Marketing Ideas For An Advertising Photographer

By Matthew Lee

Many photographers choose to do commercial photography after perfecting their skill. This could be for the need to search for greener pastures or as a hobby. However, this level of photography is not always a walk on the park. It calls for patience, dedication and proper marketing of your work to get reliable clients. Before getting discouraged, any aspiring advertising photographer can use the following ideas to market their work and enjoy success in this field.

For once, it is important to have the right tools for this work. Cameras, props and stands would be necessary to make your work easier and encourage better results. In addition, you have to acquire skills of using photoshop that will came in handy in customizing photos for your clients. It is imperative you come up with the best customized designed images that a client can imagine.

Armed with the righ tools, it is time to market your services. Those in need will only hire professionals they are confident about their skills. In this case, you have to work harder to make clients notice you. This is your only way to get your work known by prospective clients.

You could begin by working for free just to get the desired exposure. Think about a charity organization within your area where you can volunteer your photography skills anytime they have an event. Ask them to allow you to offer your services for free. When you came to the event share your business cards and network with people as much as possible.

Create a website detailing your service. Make sure to a pop up feature that prompts anyone who visits your websites to key in their email address. After which the client is guided to a free download pdf file which has fine details of your business. Thereafter, use this address and send a personal email to each person persuading them to consider your shooting business in future.

You can design a customized stamp which bears the name of your company and contacts together with some eye catching words to attract prospective customers. Every other time you take photos and print it you ensure that you have stamped it at the back with your customized stamp. Those viewing the photo will have a clear way to contact you in case they need your services.

On the same breath, try old school methods of marketing such as sharing as many business cards as possible as well as getting contacts from potential clients in an event you attend. Be ready with your cameras to take photos of the proceedings for display. Immediately after the event, you may pitch a tent somewhere strategic and stick some of the photos to let the potential clients see the quality of your work.

Another idea is to hang some photos in the offices of your friends or family. Print an elegant local landscape photo and stick it on the offices wall somewhere visible. At the bottom corner of that photo put your contact information. You can go the extra mile of putting the actual cost of the photo which will make it possible for the client to put it off the wall.

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