dimanche 24 janvier 2016

The Creation Of Hinsons The Lighthouse

By Charles Lewis

Gospel songs before were not very popular. Until they decided to form a group. They are siblings and the group consists of four. Three men and a woman. It started when they were hired by a small church to sing for revival services. Then they become prominent after that.

After that, they receive several offers and most in demand group in town. They sang in different churches. They focus on gospel music. And never stop writing songs. One of the is very talented and can write songs. They all have the great voices, but they have a lead singer. The other brother. And the rest is his back up. What is good in this group Hinsons the Lighthouse is that they never fight. They are united and never put the others down.

Since then, they have decided to change their name to The Hinsons. One member decided to tell a story of their group. And name it as the Lighthouse. So most people now, will remember them because of their most popular song. That was their breakthrough in the music industry. Before them, there is a certain band who record the song, the name was The Goodmans.

This particular song becomes an instant hit in the music industry. Many people like the song and have been singing it anywhere. And sang in church as their greatest hits. And their popularity continues and they have record breaking sales because of that.

Along with their popularity as recorded singers, they requested to co host a television show called Gospel Singing Jubilee. The show lasted for several years. From 1973 to 1980. It continues to get high ratings and continue giving a great entertainment to everyone.

Before that happen, middle of 1970, they recorded a new album again. One song in the Album is This Joy is Mine and known the everyone that it is a country song. But they are considered as gospel singers. Still the people like them and continue loving them. Because they find the amazing performers of the century.

In the year 1988, something happened. The siblings focused on different careers. The group was dissolve. One member of the group request a producer if they can have a reunion and perform on stage again together. They were granted and people are very happy which are their fans. They have performed in several places.

One day, there is a bad news came. Their lead singer which is their brother got sick of cancer. So they need to cut short their tour to help their brother. They never leave him and they hope that he will be healed. But unfortunately, he died on the same year. He was 41.

After the burial, they moved on. One member continue to write songs, producing concerts and have received several awards as well as his brother who died. The group was name as the Gospel Association Hall of Fame in the year 2004.

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