jeudi 19 février 2015

Fields A VIP Fashion Stylist May Apply For

By Katina Brady

Nowadays, being able to give a style that can follow the latest trend in the fashion industry is a perfect thing. In this respect, a lot of people want to become stylists not only because this is what they want but also because it has a lot of benefits. You may work in lots of fields. Here are the fields which you may work at as a New York VIP fashion stylist.

Editorial styling. This is the field where you are involved with the conceptualizing and organizing of photo shoots. Most of the time, the photo shoots that are being participated in by stylists are those made for pages in fashionable magazines. It is mostly involved with trends and personal style. You will work closely with photographers, designers, art directors, and editors.

You can also work in the video or commercial styling field. The said field will require you to be involved with the task of styling models, actors, or actresses. The latter are the ones needed for shooting various film clips, industrial videos, educational videos, and advertising commercials. You will be coordinating the shoot as well as selecting the wardrobe.

The television field is one where you have to work at if you are an elite professional. Since you are qualified for this work, you will work in television channels especially with actors and talents. You will have to work in the television shoots involving soap operas, news and current affairs, dramas, sitcoms, and live broadcasts.

There is also wardrobe styling. You just need to be in this field so that you can work in various areas that are highly related to theater productions, films, televisions, and concerts. You will need to do the basic work of developing people's image or selecting what they would wear when they are performing in any of the related fields.

You may also involve yourself in show styling. If you are in this field, then you can surely help with the organization of parades as well as events. You will be easily working with high profile individuals. They are most likely involved with public speaking. You will also work in backstage-related stuff while in this field most of the time.

You can work at live performances as well. You will give style musicians and performers performing at road tours, concerts, and other similar special events. You might have to face a very tedious and hectic job since you have to stay active around-the-clock.

Celebrity styling. It is normally the type of job that will involve you advising companies on what their corporate uniforms would be. You will also be given the task of providing seminars or talks to the staff regarding personal appearances. You will be helping people look better and be a part of the celebrity lifestyle.

You should already know that these are not the only areas that one can be in when working in this field. It is possible for you to find out other fields that you can be in. As long as you have the right skills and expertise for the said job, you can gain a good income opportunity for yourself.

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