mardi 24 février 2015

Capturing Treasured Moments With A Family Photographer

By Earlene McGee

Every time you look at a picture, you may not notice that you are already smiling or even crying. Photos are reminders of a life that once had been and will always make you transport to the past from the moment the photo was taken. These can be stored in your computer drive, stuffed in your wallet, slid in an album, or displayed in frames.

For most parents, they document the growth of their children from the time they were still inside the womb of their mother, to the time they are born, until such time when they are finally playing and running around with their siblings. A family photographer Huntington Beach, California is a witness to many families growing and growing as time passes by. He or she captures the smiles of love and affection shared by a family.

Your wedding day, maternity, baby shower, child birth, and many others can be captured, printed, and displayed in frames in your living room where your visitors can see your beautiful family. Somehow the effect is magical as the smiles and happiness exuded in the pictures can also ease out into the one viewing it. Genuine happiness has a contagious effect.

With the rise of many branded quality DSLR cameras, people become more fascinated to take a lot of pictures. They either print out the pictures or upload them into their social networking accounts. It is really amazing how technologies like this can bring people, friends, and families closer together.

Occasions and celebrations like birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and the like are more enjoyable to celebrate if the moments are captured. Funny moments are cool to catch on camera. This way, you will have a happy way to look back when you are older.

Parents will remember how they have been as husband and wife from their wedding vows until their fiftieth wedding anniversary. They will feel a sense of fulfillment raising their children as they look into their individual scrap books that contain photos of their childhood. And they will feel sentimental and emotional looking at their youngest with a beautiful smile in her own wedding portrait. These are simple examples of how photos can affect lives.

The cliche suggests that life is a pretty long journey. You must take a couple of snapshots and pause for awhile. This will make everything lighter. You can take your camera with you anywhere you go and create memories with it as a tool. This way, you can show your loved ones how you lived your life.

If in the past, when social networking sites did not exist, the photographers still delivered history to us through the portraits they captured. Then, photographers of today have more capacity to do so. With all the advancements in photographic arts and technologies, more high quality memories will be delivered to the next generations.

Now that colors, definitions, and resolutions have been added, frozen memories are now high tech. Apart from their ability to be stored in the World Wide Web and in your disc drives, there is not much difference a photo makes between the past and the present. They both utter in silence a thousand words that comfort the heart.

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