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Tall Womens Apparel And Accessories

By Young Lindsay

There are tons of advantages for being tall, but as well as there would be some disadvantages that arise depending on the personality of the person. But these disadvantages can be easily covered up or solved, and instead replaced and turn it into a n advantage. Most of this comes from what you wear, the accessories, clothes, and the shoes.

One of the disadvantages of being tall would be easily catching the attention of everyone inside the room and for some people, they do not want this as much as it may sound like an advantage. The tendency is that tall womens apparel and accessories tend to be quieter and less eye catching. This is for them to just blend in with the crowd and not stand out.

You can, of course, choose either dressing quietly or go all out in Laurel Maryland and it all depends on what you want. But snatching that opportunity with your natural ability and gain attention in the best way possible would all be to your advantage. So instead of blending in, then go ahead and stand out.

Shoes would be the next thing that most people would drag their attention to, since they see already your looming height, they want to find out if what they are seeing as real, as silly as that may sound. So instead of telling them to look elsewhere, it is better to actually show off what you are wearing. It is an opportunity to showcase what you are wearing.

You might think that because of the height that you have, you would opt for just wearing flats or regular shoes. This is in whatever occasion there might be. Being fearless when it comes to wearing heels would be a great way to gain confidence or status.

Wearing huge accessories would not be a risk at all, as long as they are limited to only one or two. It would not look clownish or like playing dress up as a kid. Pair it with any regular dress and keep it at a minimum but it should be there. It can be thick bangles or a huge bag.

Being able to show some skin would entail attention naturally, but taming it turning it elegant would be a bit tricky. Doing this would just be letting the attention be focused on an area of the body and while covering up the rest with the outfit. Good example for this is wearing a long dress that is backless, so it still looks tamed as well as elegant.

With the mention of elegance, minimalism can provide for that. Make sure you do not pile over accessories too much and just choose one or two with a simple outfit. You need to wear your height as the accessory itself in order to play with that kind of look and complete it.

Your hair is your crown and you can do whatever you want with it as long as you can match it with the outfit that you are going for. Most people would say that short hair makes tall women appear masculine or whatever, but this is an utter lie. Look up models that are tall and have short hair and you can refer to their styles to apply on your own.

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