lundi 27 octobre 2014

Build Complete Wardrobe Essentials For A Together Look And Appeal

By Young Lindsay

You've always wanted to re-create yourself and one of the first steps would be to take on a new or updated style. You can build complete wardrobe essentials with any kind of budget as long as it is enough to purchase basics plus accessories. This can be a fun and exciting way to increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Construct a complete new selection of clothing items with class and distinction by planning first. Go through the clothing items that you already own and sort them. Get rid of anything you haven't worn in a year unless it is formal wear.

Choose one to three basic colors that your selections will be based on. For extra mileage, black is always a good color to begin with as almost everything matches this shade. Choose one or two colors to go with your base shade. For example, with black, red and white are always good choices as they are strong colors that can be worn year round. Adding accessories to these will be a snap, especially around the holidays.

Select the categories you will need for you lifestyle. The ones needed are usually divided into casual, work, formal, and social clothing. Some individuals may not need all of these different categories. For example, a stay-at-home mom may not need the work clothing that other individuals may require. A farm woman's work clothing may be the same as her casual clothing. An athletic person or runner may need an entire separate grouping of articles for her busy lifestyle.

If you are very athletic or sports oriented, this is a category you may wish to add. You will need shorts, leggings, shoes, yoga pant, running and exercise bras, and much, much more. Begin very slowly with the mere basics as you progress in your fitness program and add more attire and footwear as needed.

When choosing any type of footwear, try to stick to basic colors like black and brown. These shades are extremely versatile and can work well with several types of fabrics and designs. Choose an array of boot styles such as riding boots, motorcycle boots, short boots, and dressy boots so you have several styles to choose from. Always purchase quality brands that will stand up to your busy and eventful lifestyle.

You can purchase almost any shoe style these days. Heels, flat, clogs, loafers, work shoes and running shoes are just a few of the types you may need for your own particular lifestyle.

Formal clothing should only be purchased on an as needed basis. For example, don't purchase a formal gown or tea length dress unless you have an occasion to wear it. Save these luxuries for last in your budget as they are not needed often unless you have a truly glamorous life.

When your shopping is done, make a definite point of organizing your own closet and other personal storage space to keep all items easy to find. Ask for help from professionals if necessary. You will find that you feel like a new person in this new attire. Take advantage of this and start your life with a fresh slate.

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