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Strategies For More Pictures With Mary Wray Photography Booths

By Ronald West

The number one reason to host a special event is to celebrate something unique and exciting. As the host, you want to make sure that your guests are enjoying everything you have worked so hard to put together. The most difficult thing to focus on when planning your event is to accommodate all ages for an extended period. Mary Wray Photography booths are at the top of billboards for creating a fun experience for all ages alike, and they also take the least amount of effort on your end.

Limited Exposure only- At its best, you can only have three shots taken. Mobile studios can be rented for more than two hours, but you cannot have pictures all by yourself. There are other guests as well who would like to have their pictures taken as souvenirs or post it through their social network accounts. Because of these limited exposure, you need to formulate strategies on how to get more pictures.

Find ways of creating awareness among guests who will be passing by; it could be simple brochures placed on the tables and asking them to check out the services you are offering. Have your DJ or a member of the wedding party make an announcement reminding people that the photo booth is open.

Next thing you know, you will wake up to phone calls from those people who could not make it, wishing they had been there due to the extended excitement, aftermath talk, and the best part, pictures to show off.

Wave your cash, and surely people behind the booth will want to have your money and earn more. There is no rule that prohibits you from paying your own to get more pictures. Change your outfit and wear masks or any other accessories that will create an impression that you are a different person and have not yet taken the time to get pictures at the booth.

These days the digital photo booth is king. The lower cost to operate makes rentals a lot more affordable. Guests only have to wait about 10 seconds to receive their photo strip, and you can even get a CD at the end of the night with all of the crazy pictures you and your friends took. Make sure to rent a photo booth that prints two strips of photos so your guests can share or leave you a copy.

Not only do photo booths spice up the excitement of your party, create memorable gifts for your guests to take home, and are easy to have at your event, they also take lots of work off your hands with having to entertain your guests for all hours of the night.

With these strategies, you get to wear all accessories that photo booth hire services have brought along with them. You can assume various poses. You can have several wacky pictures, gain more friends of course but as well as enemies, and most of all, you bring along with you quite a number of pictures enough to fill an entire photo album or irritate your social network friends because you posted plenty of pictures that drown their updates.

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