lundi 20 mars 2017

Helpful Guides In Custom Framing For Artwork

By Douglas Carter

You may have a painting or a photograph that you want to be framed. Your reason may be is that you like to accentuate it and give more focus of what is depicted in it. You may also want to protect it from dust and other external factors that may damage the quality of art in it. Or you want it to complement the interior design of your house.

But choosing a frame randomly and just basing it on if the painting will fit in it or not is not the best way to do it. There are more things that needs to be thought of when custom framing for artwork. Syracuse, NY has shops that sells frames which could be helpful. Here are some useful advices in deciding on which to buy.

The size of your image must be clear so that you could determine the options that are available for you to use. Standard size such as A3 and A4 are easier to look for frames and there are a lot available that can be easily bought. Meanwhile those that do not have standard sizes need customized ones for them. The mouldings must not be skinny on large frames too so that it can properly support the artwork with its strength.

Choose the glazing type you preferred and what is needed for the artwork. Standard glazing is only needed when you want to keep the quality of painting for a very long time because of its value. There are also glazing that protects the art from harmful ultraviolet rays that could damage its quality. Anti glare glazes are used when the piece will be placed somewhere with very bright source of light. It is not recommended for oil paintings to be framed with glazing as it may smudge it.

Matting is also another way of preserving paintings while highlighting it with the neutral color it usually comes with. It could be used to add depth on the picture or in putting multiple images in a single frame. Matting should have wider are than the frame width and the bottom of the matting should be weighted as well.

Think about the orientation of where you would be putting the frame as well. Images on landscape work well when placed in wider walls while portrait images work well in narrower one. Multiple framed pictures could also be put together in a way that looks like a puzzle in order to fill a bigger wall if you only have small paintings available.

Think about what material you like to use for the frames as well. There are frames made out wood which have different styles and appearances and can give off different vibes like classic, retro and modern. Frames made with aluminum are good for modern homes as well as commercial spaces.

The color the frame have is also essential in complementing the image and the decorations surrounding it. Neutral colors may be the safest to use but having a color that is the same with the prominent color of the image will help it pop out more. It would give a striking effect as well.

The location of where to display it is important. Pictures that are related can be grouped together by having similar frames. If you want to highlight a particular image then having it framed differently from the rest will help it pop out.

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