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A Brief Overview Of Some Recording Studios Features

By Dan Smith

For many musicians and other professionals who need quality recording equipment for projects, are not ready to invest in the full equipment and space requirements needed for top tier results, there is a sensible solution available. Rather than to pay the sums required for an individual use recording studio space, you may want to consider leasing or renting a fully equipped facility when sporadic use is required.

A space where recording can be completed, such as a music studio, also is able to offer sound mixing and manipulation of the sounds. The professionals who have the knowledge to design top sound capture and monitoring locations are known as acousticians. These pros create spaces which have the best properties for capture of acoustics. The acoustic authorities ensure that the highest level of sound properties is designed and implemented. The design takes advantage of modern materials to provide sound diffusion, isolation and acoustic precision. Elimination of reflected sound is a factor in quality recordings.

The facilities of a recording studio London area are used to capture the sounds of musicians, voice-over artists for advertising media, as well as dialogue replacement for animated features, television or film. Musical accompaniment is recorded for films and television. Over the years, the equipment and materials used in studios has become more sophisticated and more accurate.

Studios commonly have distinct spaces which are designed for different purposes. The performance takes place in a room called the "live room". There may be rooms where instrumentalists or vocalists perform. In addition to the live room, there is a control room. The control room houses the engineers or producers where the computers or mixing consoles are placed.

The computer equipment has dedicated software suites which can manipulate and route sounds for either digital or analog recordings. Some studios also feature isolation booths in order to accommodate louder instruments such as electric guitars or drums. These booths prevent sounds from the more intense instruments from interfering with sounds coming from other instruments. Alternatively, the isolation booths provide rooms in which recording of vocals or some acoustic instruments.

Room acoustics are an important element of the design of studios. The goal is to provide the best acoustical properties for capturing sound with accuracy and precision. There are two main elements of managing the acoustical properties. The first is the materials for absorption and diffusion which are placed on the walls and other surfaces of the room. The second is the physical dimensions of the room. Soundproofing of the spaces prevents unwanted sounds from interfering with the capture of wanted sounds in the music studio London facility.

In addition to the surfaces of the live room, attention must be paid to the type and quality of the equipment used for recording. Equipment which is nearly always found in studios includes the mixing console and microphones and the recording equipment itself. Often, there will be a keyboard, reference monitors and an acoustic drum set.

In a studio London location, there can also be a digital audio workstation, a workstation for music and an On Air or Recording Light. There sometimes can be outboard effects such as equalizers, reverbs and compressors.

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