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Essential Principles On Darkroom Equipment And Set Up

By Amy Davis

Photography is an art that has been around for so many years. For top quality results the artist, in this case the photographer needs to have the right equipment. Anyone who has embarked on an artistic effort would know that it equipment are expensive. But these people could not care less, after all it is an investment for the betterment of their craft.

The most manual way of producing photos using film needs a specially constructed room. The darkroom is where negatives get developed and come out as beautiful images. Now you may think that there is little need for darkroom equipment these days since everything has gone digital. But there would always be the novelty of being able to process your photos the old fashion way.

More vintage way of consuming art is making quite the come back. This may be caused by how people want to feel the genuineness of a certain hobby and experiencing its roots. Image development from film has been so much easier since the start of the computer age. Even now, there are phone applications that can process photos as if they were developed in a dark room.

Being able to make pictures come out beautifully with out digital help is quite the feat. The act alone takes study, practice and discipline. If you can get to experience this more organic way of processing film, then for sure, there will be better appreciation for the the convenience that image software solutions can offer.

Darkrooms for rent or borrowing may be available but making one, for those who really want to invest on it, can be quite rewarding. Many things need to be noted when it comes building these things. Temperature, light, and ventilation are the main concerns, above everything else. Expect that doing this may cost you some money.

The most obvious reason for this being called a darkroom is how no light should seep in. Now, this could also mean that there would be no fresh air that gets in the room too. Good ventilation is vital for a place like this. A way to do this is to cut a whole from the outside for air to come in from and then cut a hole on the inside. This can be viewed as the same way a chimney works. The brightness may not be able to come in, but air surely does.

Four kinds of lighting is needed to setup the perfect darkroom. These would include the safelights, enlarger, white and no lights at all. When you start working with with minimal vision, that is when you would start to appreciate programs such as lightroom. The attention t detail and meticulousness needed for the process can be daunting.

Your everyday white florescent lights are needed obviously to have good vision when it comes to cleaning and inspecting the prints. It would be absurd to stay in the dark the whole time. The white light has been more preferable when compared to incandescent lighting in this case. This is also the same lighting used when looking at the finished product.

It has already been established that zero lightning makes sure that development comes out perfectly, as you would have pictured it while taking the shot. Enlarger lights are there to make sure that you see every detail in your print. Note that during the whole process, temperature inside should be between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, else it may also ruin the photo.

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