lundi 21 novembre 2016

Man Cave Decor Tips Needed For Every Bachelors Pad

By Pamela Bell

Having your own place is a must at some point in life. This is true for both genders because at some point anyone would want to settle down from all the noise of living with roommates. A certain level of maturity is needed to learn how to live like an adult and not a college student.

When the time comes that you are tired of living like a college student, it may be best to furnish and care about what your place looks like. Man cave decor can be quite tricky especially if your are not one for detail and are not aware of the conveniences that furniture can bless your life with. If you can, consider hiring a professional interior designer for the job.

If you are a dude who does not really invest on these things you may come to find that the things listen on here are likely true to your own room or apartment. For girl readers, you may find that many in here are very funny because they are true and you witnessed this for yourselves at some point.

Invest on a dresser where all your clothes go into. Underwear and socks go in the dresser and not on the floor. A night stand on each side would be convenient for putting stuff next to the bed. This do not even have to be tables, it can be a stool where you can put your phone, glasses or anything you may need to reach out for while in bed.

Tables and drawers beside the bed do not only provide somewhere you can put a glass of water for you to use at night. This also makes a great place for you to put a lamp on so that you would not have to stand up and switch off overhead lighting. The only time you may appreciate this is when you are already set in bed not wanting to stand up but want the lights off.

A coat rack can do so much for convenience. This helps avoid throwing shoes, hats, scarves and what not on the floor or on a chair. Having a rack will force you to hang these items somewhere they do not look distracting. The goal is to avoid visual chaos. Add in a bowl for trinkets, coins, keys and what not on top of a stool or table.

You may not be big on mirrors, but having a full length or at least a relatively large mirror helps not only for decoration but for practical reasons. This makes sure that you get to look at your face before you go out of the house. This is preferably placed near the entrance along with a shelf and a chair where you can put your shoes off and on.

Add in some art. These could be framed, or maybe even a plant. Just make your place look like you put some thought in it, if you are not a huge fan of art or anything that exudes culture. More importantly this tells people that you can be a bit sensitive and would do well in long intelligent conversations.

Make it a point to have glassware and kitchen utensils. Maybe a full furnished kitchen would be going to far, but having glassware that actually match, is a must. Take note that these are not those you have kept since college, or stole from home or the stuff your ex roommate left that you did not bother to give back. Plain white plates, clear glasses and silverware in sets of 5 should suffice.

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