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How To Become An Indian Wedding Photographer

By Susan Wallace

Being a photographer of a culture which you are not familiar with can be challenging. However, when you keep an open mind and simply consider this as an exciting experience, the tips below would surely come handy. So, basically shape yourself to be versatile and have something different in your portfolio.

You have to gather all the patience which you can find. A new Indian wedding photographer is bond to come on time but people in this country is notorious for being late. Tardiness would mean an hour after the designated time. Thus, keep yourself preoccupied while waiting for them or work on those test shots instead.

Expect to work in a team that you will only know about when you reach Mississauga, ON. Most clients will not want to insult you by getting photographers who know their culture more. So, simply be more social and their designated areas for you not to become an obstruction in their line of view.

If some of these professionals are using hot halogen lights, respect for that. It is not their fault that the best of technology is lacking in their country. Also, make it a point to make most of them look pale. Because of the absurd beauty standards which have been set by society, these people are not so appreciative of their natural skin color.

Midnight weddings can be very common in this culture. So, simply learn to adjust your body clock while you are in there. Change your sleeping pattern for a few days for you to remain sharp all throughout the event. If an Indian couple want to get married on the exact hour that their stars align, so be it.

People in this country tend to eat their dinner late. That is why it is important for you to eat grandly before the event. This can help keep your energy up and prevent you from venting out your hunger to the guests. Maintain your warm smile and this can turn out to be a very cultured experience for you.

Weddings in this country are in a constant motion of change. So, it is expected that the ceremony would only be done after two hours. Thus, make use of your extended patience again and get busy with capturing all the tiniest details. If you have always been curious about this culture, you could record a video of the recited sanskrit verses.

It is imperative that every guest gets to have his or her picture taken. This can take a while especially when the couple has a huge extended family. Everybody is bound to be invited and this can be the ultimate test of your passion in life. If you surpass this, you shall be head on with every huge event in the future.

The official couple picture should have no flaws. This image will be the centerpiece of their new home. So, take your time in editing this piece and show the raw files to the couple for their input.

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