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The Goodmans, Elvis Presley And Hinsons The Lighthouse

By Helen Long

When it comes to different styles and types of music, there are many artists who fit easily into previously defined genres. Others, many of which include different variations remain largely undefined. While promoting Hinsons The Lighthouse and other music as southern gospel, the sound has often been considered modern or country by a number of listeners.

With a line-up of male and female siblings along with a few back up singers and guest artists, the group eventually found success. Originally formed in 1967, the band first played a revival in Freedom, California that same year. After which, the band continued playing bookings up and down the west coast.

The band building on the success of the 1967 appearance in California continued to play bookings up and down the west coast. Becoming more familiar with listeners, the group originally known as The Singing Hinsons shortened the name to the more simple version The Hinsons. Individuals looking for material by this early southern gospel group may want to include all configurations when searching for material by the band online.

The popularity of the song, The Lighthouse, can be credited to the Hinsons as it was written by Ronny. While this is the case, the song did not find huge popularity until it was covered by other artists. Even after The Goodmans recorded and released the song, it remained somewhat stagnant as far as being aired on a regular basis.

The Lighthouse became even more popular once it had been covered by Elvis and The Goodmans. Now, it is one of the most watched videos by Christians on YouTube and other video sites. The group also now has a Facebook page for communicating with friends about events, new material and other associated issues.

Due to the ministerial style presented in concert format, many considered the band to be quite radical for the time. Often providing more ministry than music, some listeners became bored and moved on to other live performances. Still, even with this challenge related to live shows, the group continued to move forward.

Regardless of the lack of interest in live shows, the group never gave up. In the 1970s, the group began recording music which many thought more modern at the time. Others, seem to think the band had taken on a more progressive country sound which was also quite popular at the time. Whether southern gospel, country, rock and roll or undefined, the band has now uploaded many new and historic songs for fans to enjoy.

Whether definable within a specific genre or otherwise, it is no doubt the group eventually found success. With the popular songs of the past now available on YouTube and other sites, there is no doubt the band will also generate new fans and followers. Now reformed, the band only hopes these new found fans will listen to the mostly spiritual messages often hidden within the lyrics of song.

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