mercredi 23 décembre 2015

Discover Hailey Baldwin A New Face In Modeling

By Lisa Turner

She has everything needed to be a model. With her full lips and sculpted cheekbones she is a classic beauty. She also happens to be tall, gorgeous and well connected. Stephen Baldwin of the family of acting brothers is her father. Her mother, Kennya Baldwin, is a Brazilian graphic designer and beautiful with a cool elegance. Hailey Baldwin has burst onto the modeling scene in a big way. No doubt she is here to stay.

She signed with the Ford Modeling Agency at a very young age. She recently signed with Heroes Models. With her grace and good looks it appears that she has a promising modeling career and future. Americans love celebrities and it seems Americans like the offspring of celebrities just as much. She joins the ranks of other young models with celebrity parents.

She trained in ballet beginning at age five, which may in part account for her gracefulness. She says that she in interested in acting and loves musicals. Her father and her uncles are all respected actors, so there is a pretty good chance she may have inherited some of that acting talent. With her looks and her connections, she should do quite well.

Like most teenage girls she spends time on twitter tweeting with her friends and family. You can also follow her on Instagram to see how photogenic and beautiful she truly is. The entire family is blessed in the looks department. Her brunette sister, Alaia Baldwin, is equally lovely. Alaia is also pursuing a career in modeling.

She recently launched a brand name ad campaign with Topshop, a British retailer. She has graced the covers of high fashion magazines and made her runway debut for Vogue during New York City Fashion Week. These are certainly exciting and promising times for this young woman.

Her Brazilian mother is a total knock out. She has the same classic good looks that she passed on to her two daughters. With their Brazilian heritage, Kennya and her daughters have made Brazil proud.

Reading her tweets and following her on Instagram you begin to feel as if you really know her. Hailey is a down to earth, no nonsense young lady. Her tweets sound very much like most teenagers, only more polite. Her parents have been married for twenty five years. Maybe that solid background accounts for her being so level headed. She speaks and writes Portuguese fluently and communicates regularly with her family and friends in Brazil and around the world.

Despite her exceptional beauty, exotic ancestry and Hollywood background with her father, Hailey is very down to earth. For certain, she is here to stay in the modeling world. Acting may be in her future also. She is a beautiful girl with a bright future.

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