mardi 30 juin 2015

Choosing Casual Tops To Wear With Leggings

By Francis Riggs

Although tights are some of the most comfy things to have, many women avoid them since they cannot find anything wear them with. Numerous People pick the incorrect casual tops to wear with leggings thus this results in them looking quite unattractive. There are various special features that individuals must search for in tops before wearing them with leggings. The following are examples of tips they can use.

Tights ought to be paired with very long tops that cover the pelvic region. This makes them appear presentable mainly for women who have extra weight. If paired with a small top, tights can look unpresentable mainly when their camel toe is visible. The color of this shirt must be slightly lighter than the tights and paired with jewelry to make them look elegant.

Many people confuse tights with skinny jeans. It is very important that people have the ability to identify these two pieces of clothing to avoid wearing them the wrong way. The best way to know the difference between these two is by looking at the material that has been used to make them. Most tights are made of very light material while the skinny jeans are a bit thicker though they are lighter than normal jeans. These can be worn with shorter shirts.

Apart from the long shirts, there are other types of clothes that can be worn with tights to get the sophisticated look. Sweater tops are one example. Many girls prefer this style since it accentuates their waistline. They can easily make the waistline more visible by just wearing a figure belt with the sweater top. This style may look good with either the high heels or flat shoes.

Most people limit themselves to dull colors when they are shopping for tights thinking that they will look bad if they are bright. This assumption is very wrong as there are different ways that one can wear colored leggings and look good. However, the shiny fabrics do not look so good on the legging thus they must be avoided. Cropped leggings also easily make the legs look unattractive therefore people must try to avoid them.

There are some people who feel uncomfortable when they wear short dresses because they are not used to exposing their legs. Such people can find comfort in the leggings as they can make the dress look just the same level of stylish but cover the exposed parts. This look is mainly worn during the summers when people are all about short dresses and the sun.

Leggings cannot be dressed alone hence one should make the effort to find out the best looks that can be created with this type of cloth. One can easily appear younger or older dependent on how they wear their tights. Color combinations are very vital when wearing the tights. Although it is advisable to try different in fashion, people has to be cautious to use them in the suitable manner.

They basically are the all time essentials that have never gone out of fashion. The best thing about them is they are wearable in all seasons depending on the top that is paired with it. All girls must make certain that they have these in their closet for convenience. They must however make certain that they have used all the tips of pairing leggings to pull off the look.

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